Sophisticated and elegant fashion accessories for the modern gentleman.

HUP_beautiful details is a new brand made in Portugal, which arose from the desire to transform "ordinary" articles into objects of desire - details with personality and style. 

Colourful shoelaces > a new personality for the derby, the oxford and the brogue.



Márcia Campos went to Switzerland at the start of 2011 out of love, to accompany her husband when he received a promotion. With the support of the company that employed her, for the first year she went back and forth between countries, dividing her time between adapting to a new country and a new culture and her great passion for the past 10 years: marketing and branding.

During the second year abroad, Márcia dedicated herself to other projects, but it was while planning her wedding that a new passion was born. Inspired by the peaceful Swiss Alps that surrounded her, eight months later she had created HUP: beautiful details.

Entrepreneurial and creative, Márcia Campos considers herself to be a dynamic person who has the courage to inspire others. An enthusiastic professional that is passionate about people, brands and little, great things that touch one’s heart.